Please note that these services are provided on a "as is" basis and it's meant to give you a general reference to your achievable connection speed.

You might like to know that that speeds to different destinations on the public Internet will differ from time to time depending on usage and upstream network conditions, some of which are beyond Pacnet control.

This facility is for bandwidth testing of less than 40Mbps port speed. If your subscribed bandwidth is 40Mbps and beyond, these tools may provide inaccurate results. You may require special tools such as iPerf or jPerf.
  • Download Test: 200MB File [testfile.bin]
  • SpeedTest (AS4628)  [Please perform the first test only once. Subsequent tests are not hosted on our network]
  • Pacnet Traceroute Utility (AS4628)
  • Pacnet Ping Utility (AS4629)
  • 3rd Party
  • FTP Speed Test (AS7473 - SingTel)  [Download & Upload]          Free FTP Client
  • Net Meter          - Host Based Speed Monitoring Application (Freeware)